Game Introduction: Minecraft

Game Introduction: Minecraft

Good morning, everyone. As Zhibo Li once said, “A good game is worth playing.” But with the fast development of monetization and technologies, more and more famous games have lost their true meaning. Many game corporations just think about making money and ignore the feelings of gamers, such as Tencent(Timi) and Netease. Today, I shall introduce a game to you, a classic and pure game named Minecraft. (World Wide Server, not the one hosted by Netease.)

Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox video game created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang. Many players treat this game as a pure land of gaming, and they completely immerse themselves in the game, including me. So, let’s get into it.

Open world is many player’s wish because many games only contain a limited world, and you can hardly remove something from the map. This has something to do with the game’s type, but

It has many features that players have dreamed of—open world and free play methods. In Minecraft, the world is made up of uncountable blocks, which gives players unlimited playing zones. In Minecraft, you can expand the territory like Octavian and conquer the world; You can also go deep into the heart of the earth, dig the hard rocks and explore for the gold and even the diamond. You can manage your own country like the president, and you can develop products like public officials. You can destroy anything in Minecraft, and at the same time you can build anything. You can be a fearful demolisher, you can also become a friendly angel. No matter how unique and novel your idea is, you can always realize your own dream in Minecraft.

Minecraft has great open limits. You can add mods for Minecraft by Forge. Through adding mods, you can get extra game features and enjoy fantastic game experience. For example, you can get a glimpse of the beauty of the original world by using texturepacks and shaders; You can also use modern technology to create your own country by adding mods. You are even able to be a couch potato in Minecraft. “The earth is finite, but Minecraft holds a whole universe.” As long as you are a creative person, you can become a Zeus-like character, free to march in an infinite space.

Minecraft’s most shining point is its educational significance. After being purchased by Microsoft, staff of Microsoft organized activities for children, let them study coding through the command systems (also called the command block) of Minecraft. This sounds amazing, isn’t it? But the truth is that. Its command system is like the command line in Linux. You just need to enter some brief commands, can attain things that many people can’t achieve—changing the weather as you like, filling in the blocks as many as you can, and even create flood…… To tell the truth, my interest in computer science comes from this game. As for the tool called “redstone”, I believe that it is familiar to you. Strips of red stones are just like pieces of circuits, redstones’ patchwork build a complex web, which completed great inventions in the virtual world– nuclear reactor, variable anti-aircraft gun, computer with 128 million bytes memory, series and parallel complex point network and so on. By learning redstone systems, you can learn more about the esoteric subjects such as electricity, quantum mechanics, mechanics of physics ( orthogonal decomposition), etc. You can also have a deeper understanding about how the computers work which can power your life in the future. You can even explore modern complex industrial systems with industrial modules like BC and AE. Every Steve has his own world and dreams, and each world has its own kingdom. These kingdoms are either brilliant or free, and each block, each beam of light condenses its own dreams.


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