Method for recording beauty

Boundless, wonders. Beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland, impressed by the advanced technology, and snacks around the tangy and – – – – – – these beautiful have in front of us floating, and we have no to appreciate them, but such as wink of smoke, a flash in the pan, then forget; as good moral character, we can only praise a few words just. So, our life is not a lack of eyes to find beauty, but a lack of that one method of beauty.

Overlap, we have been the stirring beauty touched, but I do not know how to appreciate them record their. Taishan sunrise, everyone know that is how magnificent. The ups and downs of the hills, it put on the mountain on the layers of green blanket, the day side like a dream like a touch of pink, let people like to fly into the wonderland. However, we just from his pocket and took out the camera, there is no appreciation, not emotional, but also did not use a pen and paper to the recorded everything down. So, on the formation of such a scene: peak a group of people in the view of the sunrise, close look only to find they are playing down the phone, some are “Kacha” camera.

Cut, Yamano Keimi surge of what he saw and heard on this beautiful scenery, to listen to the song of the wind, with the eye to see the magnificent scenery, and then write down your. As Du Fu, pen and paper to his Chujingshengqing, his heart records down, become popular famous, more let a person think Tai beauty if temple – “good luck bell God Xiu, yin and Yang, dawn and dusk; would be extremely Ling, the list of small hills.” we do not like him as the literary talent, did not like him, paper and pen to own what he saw and heard the record down. So, in our eyes, from no beauty. We also have been others good character moved, but do not know how the Inspired and learn the advantage. Like teacher Zhang Lili, her actions of the year had shocked the nationwide, everyone as she moved. Now, people have already forgotten the matter, the people, few people remember: a few years ago, a great teacher give body to rescue a student, this is a great moment, this is a touching moment. In this matter, we should not put it aside, and from this thing, lessons learned, learning the good qualities and carry forward it.

Learn to pay attention, you will find all kinds of beauty in this world; learn to record the beauty, you can let you have seen and heard the photographic record life in every wonderful moment, will become our hearts that a the most beautiful memory.

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